For most of this century, Dunham-Bush, Inc., has been providing innovative solutions for the heating, air conditioning and refrigeration needs of its customers. Established in 1894 as a professional manufacturer of heating, ventilating & air- conditioning units and refrigeration equipment, Dunham-Bush is today a multinational group with a hundred-year history and a global reputation.

C.A. Dunham's invention of the first commercially successful fluid-filled radiator trap began a cycle of engineering breakthroughs. In the 1930s, Bush Manufacturing Company was one of the first companies to manufacture air conditioning units with direct expansion coils, air cooled condensers, and evaporative condensers. In the 1950s, Dunham-Bush introduced water and glycol chillers for commercial and industrial applications. In the 1960s, Dunham-Bush brought forth a revolutionary compressor technology -- the rotary screw compressor. Highly efficient and extremely reliable, Dunham-Bush screw compressors are often imitated, but never equaled. In the 1970s, hydronic residential air conditioning systems were introduced for easy retrofit.

The Legacy of innovation continues today: advanced compressors, ultra-quiet packaged chillers, wall mount and ceiling exposed split air conditioners, new-age air handling equipment, ice thermal storage, and architecturally oriented heating equipment. All examples of leading edge technology marketed internationally through well known brand names such as...Dunham-Bush, Ice-Cel, and so on.

Dunham-Bush equipment plays a pivotal role in manufacturing comfortable living and working environments in new building construction and in the renovation of existing structures. In schools, hospitals and other institutions, the reliability of Dunham-Bush equipment delivers unequaled performance and durability.

Innovative product development matched with an aggressive attitude towards growth is helping Dunham-Bush to participate in emerging global markets. In countries throughout the world, Dunham-Bush is using effective technology transfer among its operating units to create innovative new solutions that exceed customer expectations. These solutions are tailored to specific needs of customers on the United States, the Asia-Pacific Region, the Middle East, Canada, Mexico, Central and South Americas, and Europe.

To stay in touch with customer requirements, and to facilitate the process of continuous innovation, Dunham-Bush has a number of operations throughout the world. Serving North, Central and South Americas -- Hartford, Connecticut, USA and Latin America; serving the Asia-Pacific Region -- Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Yantai, China; serving Europe -- Havant, England. Each facility is striving to improve product performance while implementing cost-effective manufacturing techniques.

No matter the location, the strategy is the same. Innovative engineering leading the way to new opportunities by meeting customer demands for performance, quiet operation, and energy efficiency. Providing custom-engineered solutions is the bedrock of this company.